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Aspiring Indian doctors and medical professionals who obtained their medical degrees abroad are well aware of the FMGE examination. The FMGE/MCI screening exam is conducted by National Board of Examination in India and is a mandate for the Indian citizens who obtained their medical degrees from institutions outside India and are willing to practice their medical profession in the country. This licensure examination is held biannually in June and December.

Preparing for this examination turns to be even difficult as your practice is at stake and it is often the do or die situation. The education pattern and system differ from country to country and therefore, FMGE demands hard work and dedication along with a detailed overview of the syllabus and examination pattern. Read in here to know about some tips to crack your FMGE in four months.

One of the most evident steps is to begin your preparation on time. Generally, it is ideal to keep up your pace with this exam alongside your MBBS. The earlier you start preparing, the better you can learn and revise. Build yourself a constructive time-table and schedule your day accordingly. Ensure you have devoted equal hours of study to all the nineteen subjects and not even a single one is missed or taken lightly. By the time you will be done with your graduation, you will also be done with a major part of your syllabus for FMGE.

Often after having a glimpse of the syllabus, students panic. They are devoid of sleep and end up in an unbalanced meal pattern. It is essential to give yourself enough rest and food. Instead of deciding on to study from as many resources as possible, stick yourself to the standard books and textbooks along with a few recommended readings.

Other than those, the only resources which are important from the examination point of view are the previous year question papers and mocks and the sample test papers for the concerned examination. Participate in mock test series and solve as many papers as you can as they prepare you for the kind of questions that will formulate your main exam. Pay closer attention to these mock test results and evaluate yourself on various parameters. Lookout, where you are losing marks, is there any particular section or any subject that demands more of your attention. Keep yourself time-bound.

FMGE is a five-hour long-duration exam and every second count. It is suggested that while you study, ensure you write down notes and highlight topics and important information. These will serve you as the last minute revision pointers. Also, try to memorize and understand the concept using your jargon and ways. Devote your time for revisions and areas of improvisation.

The major goal for anyone amongst you would be to make it through this examination and to achieve that goal lay down objectives that best suits you in order to accomplish your ultimate goal. Though, it is totally up to you, how you study and prepare yet, here we are recommending you a four-month course to FMGE which you can opt for in order to be even better prepared for your examination 2020.

DBMCI FMGE courses are four-month detailed courses that will ensure that you complete your syllabus on time and much before your exams.

These courses will be catering to all the nineteen subjects and specialized faculties will help you through it. Moreover, being professionals the team has created a grand test series and subject wise test series which would include questions from the last five years MCI screening tests. Special attention is paid to image-based questions and specially designed visual sessions are pre-planned and designed to help students understand and grasp the concepts better. They facilitate better penetration of complex subjects and brain development.

These courses are not similar to cramming classes rather they have a greater approach. Not only will they make you learn, practice, and revise through various means but also, they will ensure their presence in all senses. The course offers to counsel and cater to the psychological needs of the students as they often suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stress, and fear disorders. Such health issues are well monitored and treated for a better you.

Moreover, a student wouldn’t have to run here and there to collect and mark important notes and resource papers. These courses grant access to all the important papers, notes, apps, and question banks, without you wasting time.

They concrete all your needs and present them right in front of you. All you have to do is, enroll, and study to achieve the desired results. Generally, the weekday’s batch offers classes from 12 PM to 8 PM for six days a week and weekly tests are scheduled on weekend.

With so many perks at hand, why would one want to miss on a chance of grabbing on to such a great opportunity? What are you busy with, enroll yourself into egurukul FMGE/MCI course, and taste the success of your FMGE results. Gear up yourself today to ensure a brighter tomorrow. We wish you the best. Stay connected and get the solutions to all your examination doubts here with us.

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