Last 2 Months Revision Plan for NEET-PG

The last 60 days or 800 hours of thorough revision are crucial. These last hours can be a turning point for even the mediocre students aspiring to study postgraduate medical courses. When it comes to making a revision plan for NEET PG (The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Post Graduate), you need to focus on your revision needs. Having that said, there is a standard approach to revision that applies to everyone.

And, you can customize it according to your weaknesses and strengths.We, at Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (DBMCI), have made a customizable subject-wise revision plan for your NEET PG. Here we go – Three of the most vital elements of a sound revision plan include – revision strategy, it’s execution, and mental strength.

Revision Strategy

Why do you need a strategy? An efficient revision strategy will help you understand your weaknesses and strengths while letting you utilize most of the time available to you, most effectively.

Here is a generic revision plan drafted by DBMCI top faculty with the comprehension of an average student in mind.

Session I

SubjectsNumber of days allotted to eachTotal number of days
Physiology210 days
MCQ Practice and Mock Test2

Session II

SubjectsNumber of days allotted to eachTotal number of days
Pathology312 days
Forensic Medicine1
MCQ Practice and Mock Test3

Session III

SubjectsNumber of days allotted to eachTotal number of days
ENT210 days
MCQ Practice and Mock Test3

Session IV

SubjectsNumber of days allotted to eachTotal number of days
Dermatology113 days
MCQ Practice and Mock Test5

Session V

SubjectsNumber of days allotted to eachTotal number of days
Anaesthesia115 days
Gynaecology & Obstetrics3
MCQ Practice and Mock Test5

The given revision plan, it’s is a generic one, so you can modify it according to your strengths and weaknesses. A competitive exam like NEET PG tests students based on their weaknesses than their strengths. So, identify your weaker areas and work on them.

Mental Strength

Your mental strength can get you above all the odds. At times, you might feel that you are not capable of doing it. However, instead of believing what your mind speaks to you, you need to manage your inner critic to improve your skills, not getting upset.

Preparing and qualifying for NEET-PG is not an overnight thing. It takes time. And, you need to work it to utilize most of your time. Just make sure to use most of your time productively in the last crucial hours, and nothing can stop you!

Daily Execution

Daily execution of your strategies is necessary. It will help you gear-up your revision plan properly. Here are some valuable tips that you may need to implement your strategies and steer your NEET-PG preparation on the right track.

Set a daily goal, and don’t waste more than 10 to 15 minutes to do so. Schedule your hours of practice and study. Also, choose the subjects according to your proficiency.

Focus on your efforts on daily revision and follow the Pomodoro Technique. It is an effective method for a focused study that uses a Pomodoro timer to break down your NEET- PG study chart into small time intervals of 25 minutes with interim breaks of 5 mins.

During the break time, get some coffee or tea, stretch, or relax to revitalize your energies. Once done, get started with another 25-minutes session! When the Pomodoro timer rings for the fourth time, take a longer break than before, 20 to 30 minutes. It will allow your brain to prepare itself for the next sitting.

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Most importantly, monitoring your progress every day will provide you with a clear idea about how much you have done for the day, and what do you want to work on the next.

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