Handwritten Notes by eGurukul!: Gateway to NEET PG Exams

NEET PG Exams 2021 due in January is just around the corner and with a blink of an eye, the exams will be seen right overhead. Each medical student preparing for the post-graduate at the moment is surely looking out for more ways to strengthen their knowledge to score the desired results. However, for a limited number of seats, the competition is really high and only the best one can tick it off.

With the global pandemic to hit the nations in 2020, the education pattern shifted to the online parameters. All of us have been spending hours online to grab knowledge and extract important chunks of information. However, when it comes to NEET PG exam preparations the ideal way is to rely on DBMCI handwritten notes. After years of learning and experience, one can easily relate that there is a component associated with the paper notes which the digital versions absolutely lack. Even at the fastest pace of development, the advancements in technology will not be able to offer the feel of paper in digital mediums.

Often you would have come across the jokes about a doctor’s handwriting. Everyone in general, terms it as “scribbling” rather than “writing”. It is believed that the doctor’s brain activity is much faster than their writing speed. It is often because of this that they scribble. Why is this so but? Does brain function and learning from handwritten notes linked?

There are studies and researches which show that the human brain can retain information to a greater extent when it is conceived by eyes through paper and the memory perception is by far strongest in such a scenario. Well, what else does a student attempting an exam would desire? He/she can bring to the exam sheet everything he has grabbed over the preparation days and this is exactly when the memory retention plays the role.

Biochemistry, physiology, generic sciences followed with forensics and pharmacology further worsens the situation with each subject offering hundreds of books to study from. The focus is often shaking hands with distractions. Handwritten notes provide the ease of learning. A copy of notes drafted esteemed faculties can do a lot more help than absorbing from the web or any other medium.

For the most obvious reasons, one is aware at what page and exactly where is a particular word or topic written and the footnotes definitely are a last-minute savior. Looking at it from the other side, the last-minute revisions demands looking at the entire syllabus from a birds-eye view which is all about a single heading or a nomenclature that can sum up the entire topic. It gets extremely tiresome and a panic situation to search those over the web or maybe finding that topic from about a two hundred power points stored over your laptop. LMRP handwritten notes are the sole ones to save that end moment chaos.

If this is not convincing enough to make you opt for the handwritten study material then the distractions associated with digital or e-learning practices can make you chose the former. Almost all of us know, cracking NEET PG is no joke and even with a ton of focus and concentration stored within our minds, distractions from the study environment are always there. The satisfaction realized from writing something down and remembering it is quite a lot more than swiping right or clicking the next button after reading a page digitally.

Believing so, as medical students, it is evident that you are aware of the associated medical conditions of spending long hours over the electric devices. Constant attention causing deteriorating eyes health, headaches, a head-down leading to cervical issues, and inefficiency of the cognitive cycle. Merely reading and mumbling is not what the brain is developed for, but for, absorbing, analyzing, thinking, and remembering is what brings out the sharp cognitive skills.

Information processing is high when reading from paper and memory retention stores equal high results. The NEET PG exam pattern throws 300 questions to an appearing candidate and to score an additional four marks for every answer, one has to be extremely thorough in their preparations. Memorizing every single topic and recalling it at the right moment while attempting the examination can be aided when studied through handwritten study and exam material.

Medical students are well aware of the complexity of their subject and the hard terminology and vocabulary that come into their practice. This would need some degree of creativity at their ends to be able to pronounce, spell, write, and recall the right medical lexicon at the needed time. Handwritten study papers give that edge of creativity to the students.

With exams 2021 nearing, we wish you all the luck, and may you bloom over with your preparations by studying through handwritten notes as they are your true medicine equipment which will aid and ease you in the complex structure of your medical exams.

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