From rank 42000 to rank 28 in NEET PG, his story is commendable

You must have heard successful people quoting the saying, “Failure is not the opposite of success rather it is a part of it”. It needs determination and hard work to achieve what you dream, and there are no midway short cuts to the ultimate goal. NEET PG one of the most competitive examinations in the medical field is a nightmare to many students. With lakhs of students preparing for it, not many a thousand can make it through. This inspiring story of a doctor from Bangalore medical college will surely give your motivation a boost.

Dr. Amit Hegde did something unbelievable. He secured a rank of 42000 in NEET PG and was shattered. The aspiring doctor lost all his hopes when he tasted the reality with a rank which was no good to make him, his dream career. What seemed impossible to many, he made it possible by securing a rank 28 in NEET-PG’20 right after securing a 42000 rank in NEET-PG’19. Isn’t it shocking? How did he nail it go this far? What did he do to take a jump that high? Within a year what changes he made to his learning and studying pattern that this happened? As an aspiring student, all of you would want to know his success mantra.

Long and continuous hours of study, giving up on social media, DBMCI Modules , revisions 24X7, a messed up sleep schedule, and mugging up all the nineteen subjects, this is what everyone would be knowing and thinking is needed to be a doctor. But what if we tell you that these are things which this man did not do at all. He knew for sure that he has to trust his confidence and instead of sitting with a setback, it was time to give it all in.

Dr. Amit wasn’t willing to give over his dreams and decided to once again gear up for the examinations. This time he thoroughly did all the backend work needed. Sharing his experience, he tells, contacting your seniors and friends who scored a good rank is important. It is a great idea to know what they did which you probably did not.

Enrolling yourself into a coaching class can be extremely helpful. The coaching centers are a team of professionals and experts who guide you towards the ideal path. Their teaching is focused more on conceptual learning rather than gulping chunks of the syllabus. They equally distribute the nineteen subjects which otherwise gets difficult for students to manage on their own. And this is where they fall short in their preparations. Paying much attention to a few subjects and taking others lightly can lead to a major blunder. These institutes are well equipped and updated with the changes in the exam pattern. The faculty at the coaching center prepares you for video type as well as image-based questions which are a new trend in the medical postgraduate exams. Dr. Amit took coaching classes from Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute well known as DBMCI, and he praises its faculty.

Also, he puts focus on the essential role that giving monthly exams play. Initially, you might score quite low but once you get to know the exam pattern and the type of questions asked, with practice securing a good rank becomes easy. Being aware of your subject’s criticalities is the pre-requisite for the clearance of any exam. He believes giving a systematic test provides a better picture of your real preparation stage rather than online mock tests.

Another tip that doc suggests is the revising all your subjects two-three days before the exam be it AIIMS, NEET, or any similar. Revising via combined subject booklets is great as it gives you the crux from all the nineteen subjects instead of preparing every single subject from a different one.

A piece of advice he swears by and would want to share with all aspirants is “to believe in their own self”. And secondly to keep faith in the institution and the teachers who guide you throughout. He advises every student to take the classes very seriously as then only they will be able to maintain the pace of the vast syllabus to cover. Ensuring dedication to class schedule is important while taking all the class tests and revisions seriously is another crucial element. Revising your notes to the maximum possible will help you memorize them well. Each passing day you will be able to recall your concepts better and will be able to put them in the place where needed.

If he can do it, even you can do it with all the measures and best with DBMCI, he suggested. His story is a true and commendable one. Scoring a rank in thousands to scoring a rank of two digits, his hard work and dedication paid off. Then what are you waiting for? Today, pull up your confidence and be prepared for the challenges that you are going to face. It is all about efforts and consistency that will do wonders for you. We wish you all the luck and support!

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