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Technological advancement has revolutionized the educational sector. The learning is no more classroom’s four walls oriented and not even they are limited to the study desk. With vast information available digitally and the use of audio-visual features, education is an area of exploration. Of many applications available on Android and IOS, an app that is offering Medical aspirants quality content is the eGurukul app. This app is an idea curetted by the DBMCI and is providing impeccable learning opportunities to all the NEET-PG, INI CET, and FMGE aspirants.

The app has been helping aspirants reach their goals since its incorporation. They focus on their 3R’s which are Read, Revise, and Rewind. And the designers of the app without taking a backseat are upgrading and updating the app to ensure that the aspirants and the users of the application do not lag in any aspect. The app has been modified and some new and exciting features are introduced to the existing ones. The app aims to make every aspirant’s dream a success, what makes eGurukul 2.0 this exciting?

eGurukul 2.0 has been redesigned to ensure maximum user interface and offer users a quality experience without any interruptions. It is designed as a one-stop solution to all the problems faced by the medical aspirants. It is much easier to access and handle now.

Not only this, the latest feature of the app offers an advanced home screen that will constantly show new notifications about the recent updates such as MCQ of the day, video of the day, offering links to new notes or study material, blogs, leaderboards, etc. These are the small links that are constantly needed when preparing for the exam. One can visit these links instantly without wasting much time in this app.

The most important component of an educational app is the quality of its content. To ensure a great result, potential medical postgraduates lookout for questions that require brain-storming and are challenging in nature. Different apps offer different questions and MCQs. The new version of eGurukul has not only many questions to offer but these questions are well researched. The question bank will have new and latest questions which are designed as per the latest pattern.

Also, the MCQs are based on the new INI-CET pattern. So the aspirants can learn and revise the type and kind of questions expected to turn into the exam. A student would not have to search through a series of books and find themselves; they can easily access about 35,000 questions from every subject and topic on eGurukul. Image-based questions are also a part of the question bank eliminating the need to surf the net for the same.

The feature that can be exciting and worth to upgrade to 2.0 is eGurukul mantras: the quickest way to revise every subject. Students can Bookmark cards, view subject-wise/Topic wise cards, and can view the complete list of points, which makes it completely a customized and easy to go app for any student.

1000+ Hours of clinical lectures with complete practical sessions are available in eGurukul 2.0. A new approach of horizontal and vertically integrated intellectual lectures with Comprehension analysis and Recall based fully adopted to be the best for NEXT Preparation.

It is often observed that some apps lack in the quality of the notes they offer over the web. The notes uploaded aren’t clear in fact some technical interruptions are there. Such issues act as barriers and the user feels irritated due to the poor quality of study material. This lag has been taken care of in eGurukul and thus the study material and notes are in completely digital format, error-free, including coloured images and diagrams for better understanding.

As a user, one of the biggest problems faced is of finding a question of a particular topic from a question bank with thousands of questions. When time is crucial, doing such a search seems wastage of time.

To ensure ease, eGurukul’s team has arranged and aligned the questions in the question bank in the same series of topics as the topics are uploaded in the video lectures. The users would not have to waste their time to search for a topic from thousands of questions as the topics and questions are uploaded in a coordinated manner and not haphazard manner. Questions will be in the clinical and comprehensive analysis form. There are many integrated video-based questions too.

Custom Question Bank Module can help students create their custom module and share their module with their friends. More than 400 tests are available which can easily make up for the best practice for any examination, and also providing the analysis of where you went wrong.

An exciting feature in the app lets you practice Time management. The users will not have to practice time management looking at the clock every hour by devoting some additional time to that, with eGurukul, you can set a timer for your question bank and attempt questions in a time range.

This will let users practice time management simultaneously.

Many a time, an individual knows the answer but doesn’t know the way to present it. This app is not just offering the users the direct answer to the questions, but there are detailed solutions to every question. This is including test analysis, subject wise analysis, and topic wise analysis. Now the students can know what exactly has to form an answer to a particular question. This is a big feature that will be most beneficial to all.

Every individual has their way of studying. This hinders with an existing laid out plan. To overcome this difficulty, users can design customized modules from question banks on eGurukul. They can add or edit any question from a particular subject or topic and practice them at their convenience. Also, they can share these modules with their friends as well. Users can create any number of modules they want. This customization will enable users or learners to study in a manner they are comfortable in.

Some other features will let you search for questions using QBID, and you can add a marking scheme and rules to the Tests and QB screen. 24*7 doubt solving feature is there along with testing and ranking your preparations. It is an app offering a holistic study environment to medical aspirants.

With expert faculty teachings and guidance, cracking your exams will seem like a cakewalk. All a user or an aspirant has to do is learn and practice, rest all resources needed are what eGurukul is taking care of. The app is a competitive one and providing their best to the users.

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